Voyager Aura Quartz Nebula Necklace


SECONDS - these are smaller pendants or have larger white patches.

WAS £28
NOW £14

Go on a journey to the outer realms of our universe with Voyager, an Aura Quartz pendant. The perfect necklace for some serious knowledge-questing, these Aura Quartz stones, with their pink, purple and green cloudy hues, will propel you through far away nebula and towards orbiting planets.

Suspended from a 46cm (18") gold plated trace chain, each Aura Quartz stone will be entirely unique but the standard size will measure approximately 30 - 40mm (1.5 - 2") long. These extra special stones will each have pink, purples, white and the deepest of night sky blues but will vary in size and colour placement. Finished with an orbiting planet.

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