Under This Moon Personalised Moon Phase Necklace And Earrings Set


You remember the time? You have a special date: a birthday, when you first met, when you had that epiphany...

Carry the memory of that time with you always; this extra special jewellery set can be personalised to the exact Moon phase of the night that holds so much meaning. So whether it was a full Moon or a waxing crescent that occurred over your date, we can take the Moon from that night and turn it into a personalised pendant just for you. We can even hand stamp a secret message on the reverse of the necklace, for your eyes only.

>>> So what do we need from you to work our Moon magic? <<<

Give us your important date in the instructions section at checkout and we will work out the phase of the moon on that day. Please provide the date in full, to avoid any confusion between US/UK formats, e.g. "1st June 2018" and let us know whether this is Northern or Southern Hemisphere.

If you would like a secret message stamped on the reverse of the necklace, just leave the name, date, message or coordinates (up to 18 characters) in the same instructions box.

Coming Soon

Glass moon charms in a brass bases measure a petite 1.5cm. Necklace hangs from a delicate 40cm (16") gold plated chain with a 5cm (2") extender chain and earrings hang from gold plated studs.

This moon phase necklace can also be personalised with a secret message on the back (up to 18 characters). Just leave the name, date or coordinates you would like handstamped on the back of the pendant in the instructions section at checkout.

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