Sulis Sun Pendant and Alectrona Sunburst Earrings


Let's get to the point: our Sulis/ Alectrona sunburst combo is going to add some serious rays of sunshine to your day.

Named for the ancient Celtic solar goddess, Sulis, a sunshine pendant with a matte and hammered finish hangs alongside rows of sparkling Goldstone gemstone beads, radiating like the sun from around your neck.

GOLDSTONE: known as the 'ambition' stone, Goldstone is linked with boosting your drive and confidence.

We've paired this sunshine gem with the Alectrona earrings, named for the Greek goddess of the morning.

Price when purchased individually: £38.


Sun pendant measures 4cm across. Goldstone beads measure a petite 4mm. Suspended from an 18" gold plated chain.

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