Ore - Rough Cut Druzy Quartz pendant


Channel the energies of the Earth with this rough hewn Druzy Quartz, plated in warm copper, enhancing the natural tones of these stunningly earthy gems. Peer inside miniature crystal caverns, hidden away for millennia, their stories waiting to be told. In perfect warm hues, these pendants are made for pairing with thick chunky knits and fine silken shirts.

Druzy Quartz is said to strengthen the spirit, ward off sadness and fear and gently balance the body and emotions. A great stone to carry in times of need, Druzy Quartz will have your back.


Copper plated Druzy Quartz pendants will vary in colour and size, each is entirely unique and from the Earth. Tones will range from pale ivory to steel grey, all will sparkle.

Pendant will measure approximately 3.5cm long (not including the looped bail) and is suspended from a 60cm (24") copper plated chain.

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