Many Worlds Multiverse Necklace


The multiverse.

It's a huge concept to wrap your head around (whichever universe you're in) but - think of the conversations you'll spark when someone compliments your Many Worlds necklace!

'That's a nice necklace' they'll say.

'Thanks, it's a jewelled representation of the multiverse: the hypothesis that there exists multiple universes, including our own, and these comprise the entirety of space, time, matter, energy, and the physical laws that govern them' you'll say.

And it looks nice.

This representation of the multiverse has three interstellar cabochons in a line, each depicting a universe of its own. Finished with a brass planet and a trio of twinkling golden brass stars. Which universe will you call home?


Brass bar chain, the overall length measures 46cm (18") long. The largest universe stone is 2.5cm (1") wide.

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