Callisto: Ursa Major Constellation Necklace


One of the brightest and most recognisable constellations in the sky, Ursa Major is everyone's favourite star set.

According to mythology, Ursa Major began as Callisto, an attendant to the goddess Juno. Juno, however, was intensely jealous of Callisto's beauty and so to protect her, Jupiter, king of Olympus, cast Callisto into the night sky, forever to wander the night realm as Ursa Major, the bear. And she looks beautiful.

This dainty constellation necklace looks just as perfect paired with a NASA tee as it does with your going out-out wardrobe. She's a stunner.


Gold or silver plated charm with tiny cubic zirconia stars. Charm measures a petite 2.7cm across and is hung from a delicate 46cm (18") plated chain.

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