Aeon Titanium Quartz Orb Personalised Necklace


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Peer inside the universe: this sphere is like the very fabric of space and time has torn to reveal its inner secrets. Each of these Titanium Quartz orbs have a unique druzy centre; what tale will yours tell?

Flashing aurora colours of pinks, yellows, teal blues and deep purples, the druzy inside sparkles as it catches the light. This beauty will dress up your day wear and will definitely enchant your nights.

TITANIUM QUARTZ - said to centre scattered emotions and aid clarity of thought, clearing unnecessary thoughts and helping you discover your life path.

Finished with a small star on the clasp which can be personalised with an initial of your choice, just let us know in the comments section at checkout.


Each titanium quartz gemstone measures around 2 cm round and is suspended from a 24" (61cm) chain. Available in either gold or silver plate, each clasp is finished with a small star that can be personalised with your choice of initial, just let us know in the comments section at checkout.

Please note that each gemstone is completely unique and measurements and colours may vary slightly.

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