Thebes Green Fluorite Necklace


WAS £22
NOW £12

Who needs pharoh-mones when you can look irresistible with this little gem?

Inspired by Thebes, the home of the great Cleopatra and the richest of Ancient Egypt’s cities, this 1.5cm diamond shape Fluorite stone in either a gold or silver plated finish, hangs beautifully on a matching chain.

You can see why 17 year old Cleo from Thebes chose to sport one just like it when she rose to the echelons of power, commanding her empire from the great pyramids of Giza. OK…. that bit’s made up. But doesn’t the diamond shape resemble two miniature pyramids?

Each stone is rough cut, bearing unique natural ‘flaws’ (we prefer quirks) and what’s more, Fluorite is said to bring clarity, purpose and order to all who wear it - just what you need to bring some Cleo-sass (or a touch of regal poise) to any look.


Fluorite measures around 1.5cm wide and is hung from a 46cm (18") plated chain.

Available in either gold or silver plate.

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