Image of The Big Bang Limited Edition Necklace

The Big Bang Limited Edition Necklace


Limited Edition of 20.

Go back 13.7 billion years to the very beginning of time with the theory of the Big Bang. Can you imagine all the matter in the universe concentrated into a tiny speck? (No, we can't either. It's enough to. Blow. Your. Mind.)

But, with a blast of glitter, the universe exploded and continues to expand today. Imagine whirlpools of ombre clouds, shooting stars and spiralling planets (*), finished with some golden brass up-and-atoms. Using vintage acrylic cabochons, these faceted stones flash all the colours and look just like a far off nebula. Each is entirely unique and the colours will vary but expect greens, pinks, blues and purples.

Necklace measures 42cm (17") long and is finished with a trio of falling brass stars. Gold plated chain with brass pendants.

(* planets and stars were not present at the moment of the Big Bang.)