Image of SECONDS Excavation Dinosaur Pendant

SECONDS Excavation Dinosaur Pendant

£14.00 - On Sale

SECONDS. Was £28, now £14.

Please expect some paler colours or slightly unfinished gold plating along the edges.

Get taken way, way back in time to when dinosaurs ruled the Earth. Stomping their way across their prehistoric lands, these guys are looking pretty dino-mighty.

These Agate slices, with their winding patterns and earth tones, look just like layers of our planet. Sitting atop each pendant is your choice of either a Brachiosaurus or a Triceratops. We do <3 the veggie-saurs.

Each slice measures approximately 40mm long x 30mm wide. Due to the nature of natural gemstones, no two stones will look the same. Each will have the Earth-y tones, but the patternation and colour will vary from stone to stone. Please see the images for an indication of what you will receive. Suspended from an 18" gold plated trace chain.