Pluto Forever Pluto Planet Necklace


An open letter to Pluto,

2006 was a sad year for us both, Pluto. We grew up together, but suddenly - you were still there, but not 'there'. We didn't want it to come to this but the International Astronomical Union had other ideas. You were downgraded, Pluto. Your planetary status removed from the school books - but we remember you. We'll wear this necklace as a symbol of our love and solidarity for you, our secret planet.

With love,
The Pluto Forever Club

If you're a fan of Pluto, this Pluto necklace is for you.


A glass Pluto cabochon sits alongside a brass shooting star, hand stamped with Forever. Because, you know... Pluto Forever <3 Orbiting on a silver plated chain, Pluto measures 25mm (1") across and is hung from a 46cm (18") chain.

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