Personalised Chevron Necklace


Like to make a statement? like, really put your stamp on things?

Well, now you can do it quite literally (in 18 characters or fewer) and wear it with pride with this Personalised Chevron Necklace.

Cast from brass, this one-of-a-kind piece can be personalised with pretty much any verb, noun or secret made up word (you can have so much fun with this one). Whether you’re commemorating a special date, or telling the world you love coffee / hate Mondays / are part of a secret organisation known only as the… wait, that would kind of ruin the point of being secret. Either-way, just let us know in the instructions section at checkout, and we will personally hand stamp your characters. Talk about a statement piece!


Chevron measures 4cm wide and is hung from a 46cm (18") gold plated chain.

Can be personalised with names, words, numbers or initials up to 18 characters (including spaces) maximum.

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