Image of Helix Opal Ring

Helix Opal Ring


With its nebula like cloud of swirling blues, pinks and flashes of green, Helix is named for the Helix Nebula located in the constellation Aquarius. With a stunning genuine Opal gemstone set in a Sterling Silver or gold plate over Sterling Silver ring, interstellar Helix is a stunner of a gem.

With a genuine Opal stone, we have used 'Opal Triplet'; this is an Opal stone set with a dark backing to highlight the flashes within the Opal. It is then sealed with a layer of clear Quartz stone over the top. Due to the nature of the stone, each Opal will be completely unique and may differ slightly in tone from those pictured.

Set within a gold plate over Sterling Silver or Sterling Silver ring, adjustable to fit most ring sizes.

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